Distance from Viet Tri to Shantou

Distance between Viet Tri and Shantou is 1185 kilometers (736 miles).

air1185 km
air736 miles
car0 km
car0 miles

Distance Map Between Viet Tri and Shantou

Viet Tri, VietnamShantou, Guangzhou, China = 736 miles = 1185 km.

How far is it between Việt Trì and Shantou

Viet Tri is located in Vietnam with (21.3227,105.402) coordinates and Shantou is located in China with (23.3681,116.7148) coordinates. The calculated flying distance from Viet Tri to Shantou is equal to 736 miles which is equal to 1185 km.

City/PlaceLatitude and LongitudeGPS Coordinates
Viet Tri 21.3227, 105.402 21° 19´ 21.8640'' N
105° 24´ 7.1280'' E
Shantou 23.3681, 116.7148 23° 22´ 5.3040'' N
116° 42´ 53.2440'' E
Viet Tri, Vietnam

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