Distance from Freetown to Yenagoa

Distance between Freetown and Yenagoa is 2188 kilometers (1360 miles).

air2188 km
air1360 miles
car0 km
car0 miles

Distance Map Between Freetown and Yenagoa

Freetown, Sierra LeoneYenagoa, Nigeria = 1360 miles = 2188 km.

How far is it between Freetown and Yenagoa

Freetown is located in Sierra Leone with (8.484,-13.2299) coordinates and Yenagoa is located in Nigeria with (4.9247,6.2642) coordinates. The calculated flying distance from Freetown to Yenagoa is equal to 1360 miles which is equal to 2188 km.

City/PlaceLatitude and LongitudeGPS Coordinates
Freetown 8.484, -13.2299 8° 29´ 2.4000'' N
13° 13´ 47.7840'' W
Yenagoa 4.9247, 6.2642 4° 55´ 28.9920'' N
6° 15´ 51.0120'' E
Freetown, Sierra Leone

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Yenagoa, Nigeria

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