Distance Between Somalia Cities

Distance from Somalia to major cities are listed below, or choose from the list to calculate distance. 14 major city distances are calculated in Somalia country. The GPS coordinates of Somalia is 5° 9´ 7.7364'' N and 46° 11´ 58.6140'' E. Some of the leading cities of Somalia are Mogadishu, Hargeysa, Kismayo.

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Distances of Somalia Cities

List of Somalia cities with distance in kilometers.
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Mogadishu to Hargeysa848 km
Kismayo to Marka338 km
Baidoa to Burao742 km
Bosaso to Gaalkacyo538 km
Laascaanood to Garoowe124 km
Beledweyne to Jawhar220 km
Ceerigaabo to Baki443 km

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The Nearest Neighboring Countries to Somalia

Distance from Somalia to the nearest countries.
The distance between Somalia and the nearest country Ethiopia is 771 km.

CountryDistance to Somalia
Ethiopia771 km
Djibouti841 km