Distance Between Algeria Cities

Distance from Algeria to major cities are listed below, or choose from the list to calculate distance. 46 major city distances are calculated in Algeria country. The GPS coordinates of Algeria is 28° 2´ 1.9896'' N and 1° 39´ 34.6536'' E. Some of the leading cities of Algeria are Algiers, Boumerdas, Oran.

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Distances of Algeria Cities

List of Algeria cities with distance in kilometers.
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Algiers to Boumerdas39 km
Oran to Tebessa793 km
Constantine to Biskra187 km
Setif to Batna98 km
Annaba to Sidi Bel Abbes778 km
Blida to Tiaret183 km
Chlef to Bordj Bou Arreridj308 km
Bejaia to Skikda163 km
Souk Ahras to Djelfa461 km
Mascara to Jijel530 km
Medea to Tizi Ouzou126 km
Bechar to El Oued873 km
Tlemcen to Relizane195 km
Mostaganem to Ouargla655 km
Saida to Guelma682 km
Khenchela to Laghouat432 km
Oum el Bouaghi to M'Sila233 km
Ghardaia to Tamanrasset1094 km
Mila to El Bayadh568 km
Tissemsilt to 'Ain Temouchent270 km
Bouira to Ain Defla174 km
Tindouf to Adrar773 km
Tipasa to El Tarf523 km

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The Nearest Neighboring Countries to Algeria

Distance from Algeria to the nearest countries.
The distance between Algeria and the nearest country Morocco is 941 km.

CountryDistance to Algeria
Morocco941 km
Tunisia993 km