Murzuq Distances

Murzuq city is located in Libya at the 25.9155, 13.9184 coordinates. Distance from Murzuq to cities are listed below, also there are 0 sub cities within Murzuq, click on the city name to find distance between. Distance from Murzuq to Tripoli 777 km, to Benghazi 912 km, to Misratah 727 km. The green marker indicates the location of Murzuq.

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Distance Between Murzuq and Cities

List of distances from Murzuq to Libya cities.

CityDistance to Murzuq
Murzuq to Tripoli777 km
Murzuq to Benghazi912 km
Misratah to Murzuq727 km
Al Khums to Murzuq749 km
Az Zawiyah to Murzuq769 km
Murzuq to Ajdabiya819 km
Murzuq to Sabha135 km
Murzuq to Sirte644 km
Murzuq to Tobruk1194 km
Murzuq to Al Marj992 km
Gharyan to Murzuq701 km
Murzuq to Darnah1137 km
Murzuq to Al Bayda'1075 km
Murzuq to Zuwarah800 km
Awbari to Murzuq136 km
Murzuq to Nalut721 km
Ghat to Murzuq391 km
Hun to Murzuq409 km
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